Thursday, 17 March 2011

' The New Lord Westlake' and 'Hold On To Your Dreams' tell the stories of two friends, Camilla Brentwood and Emily Harcourt.

Camilla's life changes when her dear friend the Honourable Timothy Harding discovers he is not the heir to his grandfather's property and title. Not wanting to wait around until the new Lord Westlake, the son of Timothy's disgraced uncle, is located in America and told of his fortune, Timothy joins the army and goes to fight in the PeninsularWar.
Back at home, Camilla is out riding when a stranger 'saves' her from injury. He introduces himself as Jack Somergill. Indignant at being unceremoniously plucked from her horse, Camilla gives him a 'set-down', little knowing, that this man is about to surprise all of Kelsham - including herself!

Emily's story takes place a couple of years later, when, following her father's financial ruin and the untilely death of both her parents, she finds herself at the mercy of her aunt, a malicious woman who forces Emily to work as a servant. In spite of the humiliation and degradation forced upon her, Emily's dreams linger on. Will she ever regain her position in Society and her lost love

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