Thursday, 17 March 2011

'A Most Rebellious Debutante' is now out in Large Print, published on behalf of Hale by my long-standing Large Print publishers, F. A. Thorpe.

Caught in the embrace of her dancing master, Lucy Templeton is banished to Montcliffe Hall. Here she encounters the notorious Lord Rockhaven and a stolen kiss awakens something deep withoin her. Reluctantly, Lucy returns home and has a successful Season...but, her heart remembers that stolen kiss and she refuses all offers of marriage. Then her former dancing master attempts to abduct her, causing Lucy to be disgraced in the eyes of Society. Lucy is sent to stay with her sister, in the hope that her sister's more compliant nature will influence Lucy to become a more dutiful daughter ... but the rebellious Lucy has other ideas.

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  1. Congratulations on this Karen, they've done you a lovely cover too! I've just e-mailed you by the way.....