Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I have just finished reading the final book in Irene Hannon's 'The Heroes of Quantico' trilogy. 'Against All Odds' is a fast moving romantic suspense novel featuring FBI agent Coop and Monica, the woman he is assigned with protecting. Sparks fly between them and I was glued to the page from beginning to end.
'An Eye For An Eye' follows one of Coop's colleagues and once again the pace rockets on its way. I was hooked by the perfect balance of suspense, action and romance.
'In Harm's Way' is special agent Nick Bradley's story. As a minor character in the previous two novels, he has managed to evade a serious relationship - but is drawn to Rachel Sutton, whose life is put on the line by her connection to a psycotic woman's obsession.

Irene Hannon has written over 30 novels. Her books have been honoured with the coveted RITA Award from the Romanc eWriters Of America. For more details visit her website www.irenehannon.com
As for me, I am eagerly awaiting the first of her new series due out early in 2011.

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