Saturday, 17 September 2011

Over the past few months, with the help of my long-time friend and fellow novellist Freda Lightfoot, I have been learning how to convert some of my published novellas into e-book format.

After much frustration, despair and eventual joy, I successfully managed it. Two of my novellas are now available to buy from amazon and kindle.

Since the price is fixed by the American dollar, the price fluctuates slightly on a daily basis but it is just above £1 sterling - a bargain by anyone's standards!

The first novella I converted was 'Outrageous Deception'.

A hit-and-run victim is identified as Mellissa Filelding ... but, as recovery begins, she cannot identify with her surroundings or the people who seem to know her. As her memory begins to return, it seems that her risky past is about to catch up with her. She faces losing all she has gained in order to discover the truth.

My second ebook is called To Face The Past.

Eva Cunningham thought she had moved on from her deevastating divorce from Matt Talbot three years ago but when their paths cross again as newly appointed assitant managers of a struggling hotel in south Wales, she is forced to re-evaluate her feelings.

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